Saturday, October 24, 2009


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images by G. Post

In other news, my son Juno and I am getting ready to head back to Korea just in time for the birth of a new daughter/sibling.  My wife, Heesoo, has been there for the last couple of months in the capable hands of her mother.  We chose to have this birth in Korea for a few reasons, the main one being that we wanted to share this experience with our family in Korea.  Another reason is that it will actually be cheaper for us all to travel to Korea for the birth then it would have been to pay out of pocket for the birth back in the good ol' USA.  And, hey, any excuse to head back to Korea is good enough for me!  Juno and I will stay for 5 weeks to get some quality time in with the family and to be sure that the newest member of the family is a fully documented US citizen.  Heesoo and the newborn will stay on for a bit longer, returning home to Durango in early February.