Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Adjustable Heights

In a recent article for the February issue of Ceramics Monthly, I discuss one of my most useful tools in my studio, my adjustable height work table.  To view the complete article, follow the link here.

"Originally published in Ceramics Monthly, February, 2013, pg. 18. http://www.ceramicsmonthly.org . Copyright, The American Ceramic Society. Reprinted with permission."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adam Field (FREE) Pottery! 300,000 Views on YouTube!!!

I am excited to announce that I have just reached 300,000 views on my Adam Field Pottery YouTube channel!!!  I'm giving away 3 pieces of my pottery as a big THANK YOU to all of the good people who have watched, and those who will watch my videos in the future. For your chance to win, just go the Adam Field Pottery YouTube channel and click "Subscribe". As a subscriber you will receive notification of any new videos I post (plenty of good ones in the works) and you will have a chance of winning some free pottery! I will be announcing winners on March 1st.  

Thank you and good luck!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Work/Galleries Stocked!

With the holiday season right around the corner, I have been working hard to get a nice selection of work to my galleries.  The Clay Studio in Philly and TRAX Gallery in Berkeley have my new work currently available online.  I am proud to announce gallery representation at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago where a selection of new work will be available just in time for holiday shopping!

Fresh work at The Clay Studio in Philly, view all

In good company in the upcoming "Gallery Artist Show" at TRAX Gallery in Berkeley, CA.  Plenty of new work available, view all

Thursday, May 17, 2012

England Clay Tour: Road Trip to Goldmark

While Doug and I were under the gun to get pots made, slipped, dried, bisqued, glazed, and fired, we still managed to take some time away from the studio for some fun.  I'm a big fan of Goldmark Gallery for the potters and pottery they represent as well as the beautiful films they make of the potters in their studios and homes, talking about their work.  You could imagine my excitement when I learned that Doug had arranged for us to drive the 4.5 hours from Devon to Goldmark for Anna Mette Hjorshoj's opening, and to top it off, we caught a ride up with Lisa Hammond and her studio assistant (and all around good guy) Darren Ellis.  The gallery and opening was beautiful and judging by the character of the good folks at Goldmark, it is no surprise that they do such an amazing job of representing their artists.  As if it wasn't impressive enough, we were invited to dinner with the Goldmark family and stayed the night in their beautiful home!

Almost there!

Morning stroll in the English countryside.

A proper English breakfast with the whole crew at the Goldmark's.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

England Clay Tour: The First Two Weeks

I am finally (mostly) over my jet lag after returning home from a month-long trip to England last Thursday.  The first two weeks of my time in England were spent inside a shack in the Devon countryside of Southwest England with Doug Fitch.  Doug was kind enough to share his studio space with me and we worked together to fill and fire his wood kiln.  He even arranged for me to have my own digs in the form of a camper caravan parked studio side!  Working with Doug's low fire earthenware clay, slip, and glaze was a new and exciting experience for me (yeah, cheap thrills for this clay nerd :D  ).  It was really great to spend time with Doug in his space, a rare opportunity to be immersed in the ways of another potter and studio.  I have put together a YouTube playlist of Doug's videos from my time at his studio here.  Thanks Doug!

ps, what do you think of the new face of my blog?

Onggi meets English Slipware.

Doug in his element.  photo: Claire Borlase

Home sweet home!

New Friend.

Carving + dark slip + light slip + finger wipes.

Doug's jugs.

Doug pulling a handle.

Portrait by Doug's friend Claire Borlase

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gettin' the word out...

A lot has been happening lately in the way of reaching a wider audience for our work. After a successful test run at this years AKAR Yunomi Invitational, they asked me back for a "New Work" show running June 24-July 15.

As I was getting the work together and sent off to AKAR, I had the added (and very welcomed) workload of putting together an article for the "Studio Visit" section of the current summer issue of Ceramics Monthly. The idea of the article is to give readers an idea of our studio life on a daily basis. View the article by following this link.