Thursday, May 17, 2012

England Clay Tour: Road Trip to Goldmark

While Doug and I were under the gun to get pots made, slipped, dried, bisqued, glazed, and fired, we still managed to take some time away from the studio for some fun.  I'm a big fan of Goldmark Gallery for the potters and pottery they represent as well as the beautiful films they make of the potters in their studios and homes, talking about their work.  You could imagine my excitement when I learned that Doug had arranged for us to drive the 4.5 hours from Devon to Goldmark for Anna Mette Hjorshoj's opening, and to top it off, we caught a ride up with Lisa Hammond and her studio assistant (and all around good guy) Darren Ellis.  The gallery and opening was beautiful and judging by the character of the good folks at Goldmark, it is no surprise that they do such an amazing job of representing their artists.  As if it wasn't impressive enough, we were invited to dinner with the Goldmark family and stayed the night in their beautiful home!

Almost there!

Morning stroll in the English countryside.

A proper English breakfast with the whole crew at the Goldmark's.


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Unknown said...

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