Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good Culture!

A recent batch of personal sized Onggi fermentation jars. With our
first date at the Durango Farmer's Market rapidly approaching (May
15th) I've been making work with a bit more of a practical,
functional and food related use. With all the amazing farmers
offering up their beautiful produce I thought it only made sense to
make some pieces to store and ferment it in. As for practicality,
I decided to make these Onggi jars a bit smaller, 3/4 gallon,
perfect for trying new recipes. I'm really looking forward to
seeing these forms put to use for their original purpose!


Faith said...

Hi Adam! Hope you're doing well.
Onggi jars are cutter when they are smallers with "hats" :)

Monique said...

The Onggi look a-ma-zing!!!

potterboy said...

These jars are top notch - really lovely work. But it's difficult to see how big they are - what are the dimensions? Are they thrown in one or built using the Onggi method?

Really lovely, anyway. I have used one of your images on my blog - hope you don't mind - with a link back to yours.


Adam Field said...

They are about 9" tall with lids on. I threw these on the electric wheel, much easier for jars of this size. Thanks for sharing on your blog!

potterboy said...

Ok, they look bigger in the picture, although the ash runs give their size away, i guess. They're stunning anyway.

No probs about the sharing - I don't get much traffic, so I don't think it'll increase your hit rate much. I've been lurking here some time actually - I loved the videos you made of you in Korea - very inspirational and I watch them often - I have had a go but find the coiling method to be less than easy, so I am making bigger pots in two pieces now. But I think the effect is a heavier pot than you would get with coiling. One day, I'll have another go.

ang design said...

just stunning ash work..

Anonymous said...

beautiful jars adam

togeii said...

Great looking pots. I like the video too.