Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moon Byeong Sik, gettin' it DONE!!

Here is another installment in my YouTube pottery video series, and one
of my personal favorites. Moon Byeong Sik is SO skilled with all things
clay. Also, for all of you going to NCECA, keep an eye out for him, last I
heard he was planning on giving a workshop along with an exhibition at
this years conference. I'll see if I can find more details and will post what I
find here.

Enjoy the video and please rate and/or leave a comment.



Anonymous said...

wow, wow, wow! i'm so envious of the speed and accuracy. of course it must help a lot that the pot is perfectly round in the first place. great video!

Anonymous said...


klineola said...

Go Cat GO!

Faith said...

Hi Adam!

I learned about you through a video in my ceramic contemporary history class this semester.

I am going to finish my degree in film ( more like film therory) and I going to minor in ceramics. After that I want to teach english in S. Korea to save money.

My question (finally) how did you get to appentice with korean potters? Did you simply ask or was there more to it?

Anonymous said...
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togeii said...

Thank you for the videos, very interesting.