Monday, March 9, 2009

Some new pots

Here are a few pots from the latest firing, not the best photos, but you get the idea. I always enjoy getting a bunch of cups of varied size and design in the kiln especially in an anagama, they're like test tiles and it seems I always gain loads of knowledge about what is happening in different spots of the kiln.

I really like how the porcelain inlay mixes in with what's happening on the surface of the glaze, much more of this in the future!

Above, 2 views of the same cup. I added a very subtle twine texture to the bottom section of this cup, i think the surface may be one of my favorites from this firing, just a hint of pattern, not overboard.

It was nice to get a few Onggi pots in the main firebox, interesting to see those forms with so much ash.

As is usually the case I am not completely happy with the results of the firing, I learned a lot and am excited to put what I learned to use in the next firing just 3 SHORT WEEKS AWAY!! :/


Joe and Christy said...

the pots look great. I like the porcelain inlay. It's a technique I've always wanted to learn but I've never got around to. Nice. You also got a nice combination in some of your glazes with some transparent and some crystalization. Can't tell if its from the ash or the cooling, but I like it.

Anonymous said...

beautiful vases... i especially like the 3rd vase down