Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Korean Onggi Tour...

With the woodfiring finished up on Sunday I've had a chance to shift my focus toward some plans for later this year. I've been talking with some of the people I met during my time in South Korea about organizing a tour for American claypeople to see traditional Onggi techniques and studios in person. For those of you not familiar, Onggi is a type of Korean pottery created by a coil and/or slab and paddle forming method used to create very large pots in a relatively short amount of time. In October of this year the town of Ulsan is putting on an Expo that highlights Onggi. On our tour I plan to visit the Ulsan expo as well as many studios of well known Korean National Treasure potters including Ohbuza Onggi where I studied with Kim Il Maan, not to mention the amazing food, sights and people we will meet along the way! On the 15 day tour we will see a good part of the county and get a good idea of the range of techniques used in the different regions. This is the first public mention I've made of this tour, as it comes together I will be sure to post more info here on the blog.


Craig Edwards said...

Wonderful pics, makes me homesick for Korea... good luck on the tour it sounds like a smashing idea!

Anonymous said...

what a great trip that will be, sounds like a dream to me

Adam Field said...

The tour will be very affordable, I don't stand to make any money off of it. It's a tour for potters by potters so if you or anyone you know is interested then just shoot me an e-mail.


Adam Field said...

you spent time in Korea? who, what, when, where, why & how?

Craig Edwards said...

Adam, I was there in 2003 on a research grant with the Jerome Foundation. Mainly in Gangjin studying Koryo Celadons, old kilns etc. Then again in 2005, tea culture. My youngest son Daniel, taught and studied at the U in Seoul. Nick my oldest son was there for several years teaching and writing for magazines.
I am so glad that you learned onggi tradition things are changing so rapidly there.
~Take Care.