Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Land of Guns & Coors

Made a wood run down in New Mexico out on the BLM land behind my friend Cindy's wood kiln yesterday for the upcoming firing this weekend. I was struck by a few things; the beauty of the landscape, the interesting detail of the geology (vast clay depsoits & big chunks of petrified wood) and most of all, the abundance of Coors containers (of all sorts & vintage) and all manner of shell casings from various firearms. It turns out that there is quite a long tradition of littering this area with drink containers and weaponry, if you keep your eyes peeled, it's not so uncommon to come across pottery shards that are nearly 1000 years old and arrowheads are a common find too.


Unknown said...

Hey Adam. It sure is beautiful scenery, I feel lucky to have such a vast and resourceful backyard. I guess we'll have to start cleaning up other peoples cans and shells on our wood runs in the future. I think guns and fire water are also a big part of New Mexico history like the shards and petriglyphs. :)

Joe Troncale said...


Really incredible work! Your carving and throwing and Heesoo's throwing and painting are pretty fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

Guns and beer are quite a lethal combination, so be careful when you are out there with your kiln...